DMCA Policy is an Online Service Provider under Title II of the “DMCA” Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 512. We provide the ability for legal copyright owners (holders) to publish on the internet by uploading, keeping and revealing various media using our services. We realize how the rights of legal copyright owners are important that is why we strongly protect them. In case you are copyright owner and if you have not authorized the use of the content, you have to notify website in writing form in order for us to classify the purportedly trespassing content and take necessary actions.

I. SPECIAL AGENT assigned the agent to receive the information about the trespassing of the content under DMCA. You can contact him at . After receiving the information about the violation, Get-Appz will follow the procedures defined here and in the DMCA.


In your copyright violation claim the next elements must be included: A signature (electronic or physical) of the copyright holder or a person which is certified to act in support of the holder of a private right that is supposedly trespassed. ID of the copyrighted work which is appealed to be trespassed, or in case if numerous copyrighted works at a certain online website are enclosed by a single notification, an illustrative list of such works at mentioned site. ID of the exact work that is claimed to be trespassing or to be the subject of trespassing activity and that is supposed to be detached or admission to which is to be limited, and information rationally necessary to get the permission for the Company to track down the material. Important information to allow the Company to contact the complaining party (phone number, an address and, if presented, electronic mails address which may be used to contact the complaining party). A declaration that the entire information in the notification is correct, and that the complaining party is certified to act on behalf of the holder of a private right that is supposedly trespassed. An announcement about complaining party’s strong belief that use of the work in the manner complained of is not certified by the copyright holder, its representative, or the law. If you do not follow our advice and provide us with the all necessary elements it may result in a postponement of the handling or the DCMA notification. Please also be aware that under relevant law, 17 U.S.C. 512(f), any person who meaningfully misrepresents that material or activity is trespassing may be subject to responsibility.


The procedures delivered in the DCMA will be followed by Get-Appz. The DCMA prescribes a notification and take down procedure, subject to the user’s right to submit a counter-notification claiming of the restricted works lawful use. All users of any part of the Site are expected to meet the terms of applicable copyright laws. Though, if Get-Appz gets proper notice of appealed copyright violation, it will react expeditiously by eradicating, or restricting access to the material that is appealed to be trespassed or to be the subject of trespassing activity. Get-Appz will meet the terms of the proper requirements of the DMCA in the event a pledge notice is provided.


According to the Terms of Service Agreement, users agree to prior to using Get-Appz, all users ought to use only lawfully-acquired unique creative works as our website content, and in case if the overstepping works has been submitted a user’s access may be restricted upon receiving of notice about overstepping. Get-Appz also respects all the appropriate interests of users in operating media content properly, being allowed to present an answer to claims of violation, and tracking down timely restoration of access to the content disabled in accordance to a copyright claims. In case you need to provide a proper counter-notification, please deliver the next information:

According to operation of the notification and takedown procedure, point that admission to your content was disabled.

Pinpoint the material that has been detached and title its URL prior to removal.

Point your personal information: Your name, phone number and address.

If you have a strong belief that the mentioned material was detached or disabled as a result of wrong identification or mistake.

When you are informed about and consent to the Federal District Court’s jurisdiction for the particular judicial district you are located in.

You must send your counter-notification to the selected agent for Get-Appz, whose contact information is provided below:

Attn: Copyright Agent



In some cases, under suitable circumstances, Get-Appz in its discretion can dismiss authorization of users of its network or system who are multiple offenders.


It is Get-Appz policy to put up and not interfere with regulatory technical measures it defines reasonable ones under the exact circumstances. The technical measures are used by copyright owners for copyrighted works identification or protection.